A friend of mine wrote the following note on Facebook, it is reprinted here with permission.

When we are confused, something in our life is not right. We get out of the will of God. The further our life gets away from what God wants for us the more confused we get. This confusion comes from the battle between wanting our own way and the holy spirit convicting us of what we know is right. We know the difficulty and work and humility it would take to get back on the right path and yet we dont really want that path anyway. We selfishly want what we want. and then we wonder why we are never happy and we begin to complain and struggle. Our walk with God gets distant and we start to question what we know to be truth.

BUT the true character of a person is shown when they are in that exact place and choose the right path even when it contradicts their strong desire to do what they want. As they have strayed it may seem almost impossible to find their way back, like being lost in the woods at night and not knowing which way to turn. But they put in the work, and dont just quit the walk altoghether. Their true character is shown when they have the humility to admit they were wrong and the willingness to put in the work to get right. They are not stopped by their fear of a person’s reaction that they have gotten close to, afraid they may be offended. But when they do begin the correct path, and get right with God, and turn from their selfishness, and make the difficult decision, the confusion leaves and one will realize that feelings FOLLOW our actions not LEAD our actions. Our feelings are not solid and change with the wind. If we act based on them, then we will in the end feel guilty and miserable. But if we act correctly and wisely even though our feelings are strongly fighting us we will in the end be more joyful and fulfilled knowing we are in the center of God’s will. Thus right feelings FOLLOW right actions.

All of this confusion is now replaced with inexplicable peace.

-Michelle Habing