I recently ran across a fantastic quote by Dr. Sam Horn concerning Northland Baptist Bible College:

“Northland was not built on flashy brochures or slick promotional advertisements. It was built on a vision to see an army of Christian young people trained as good soldiers of Jesus Christ, a generation of young people willing to die if necessary, for Christ and more important, willing to live for Him regardless of the cost.”

What a humbling thought! Northland stands for Christian Fundamentalism, a stance that I pray will continue far into the future. Unfortunately, history shows that the majority of Christian institutions over time allow the creeping arms of theological liberalism into their fine institutions. This is why our old bastions of faith like Princeton Theological Seminary and Union Theological Seminary have eroded into an empty shell of their former glory.

Compromise; compromise to tolerate the liberals increasing theological heresies is what caused these institutions to fall into an academic insult to true theology. It was through the trials of over 100 years of compromise to the liberal agenda which led up to the separatist stance Fundamentalists hold today. Yet, even with these hard earned lessons, one time conservative institutions such as Dallas and Moody are beginning to slowly tread into dangerous waters.

I do not mean to come across fatalistic. My intentions are solely to point out a truth concerning our world and culture. Northland may one day slide down that slope; if it does I hope Godly men will separate themselves from Northland and form another institution in which to uphold God’s standards. Are we to sit idly by and watch what the result may be? By no means! Christians are to pray for the fine institutions like Northland who are training the next generation of Christian leaders; pray for the faculty and leaders of our Christian colleges and seminaries. We are to do this in order that the notion for separation is not even fleeting in one’s mind.

Pray that statements like Dr. Horn’s are as true tomorrow as the day these fine institutions were founded.