I just recently heard about this: http://richarddawkins.net/article,425,The-Blasphemy-Challenge,The-Rational-Response-Squad

Richard Dawkins recently created a video titled The God Who Wasn’t There. In effort to get his message across (since he knew few would actually buy it) The Blasphemy Challenge was created. The basic idea is that if you publicly deny the Holy Spirit on YouTube you will receive his video free.

While I have many issues with this entire scheme, I would have to say that Dawkins and these people have completely missed the point; most are not blaspheming the Spirit. The majority of these people are in essence attempting to find themselves and learn about the world. They see the opportunity for a free video that supports their world view of atheism and go for it. Hence, this is not blasphemy of the Spirit.

While many views exist as to what blasphemy of the Spirit actually entails. I personally hold this unforgivable sin as when an individual is at that point of salvation — knows the truth about who God is — and willfully chooses to reject Him. In all actuality their hearts have become so hardened against God they knowingly choose disobedience. A sad but realistic state for all to many.

Therefore, most of these people are just looking for attention. Those of us who are Christian need to pray for these individuals that they find salvation.